Complexity ahead

Whether you are a bank, payment institution, Fintech or service provider in the financial services, Payment Redesign can help you define new goals take advantage of evolving payment technology, standards and regulations.  No-nonsense, no jargon, we are here to help you navigate to your goals.

Your journey made easy

Yesterday’s disruptive idea could tomorrow be implemented by the Big Tech, regulated or standardised. We are here to guide you through change with a view for you to stay ahead of your competitors.  We monitor standards, regulations and market trends and can articulate how your idea relates in our evolving industry, whether you issue cards, wallets, acquirer retailers or ATMs.

What we can and do

Our assignments vary from management consultancy to execution, from an idea to implementation, supplier selection and program management.

Our card and payment expertise includes regulatory aspects, card schemes, issuing, acquiring, mobile payments, ATM, PSD1, PSD2 and instant payment.